The five challenging use-cases of the Franco-Bavarian AI Cup

The Franco-Bavarian AI Cup is now open for participation, for students and junior researchers from Europe interested in AI and Data Science.

Trophy: up to €95.000 for financing the launch of a start-up.

Procedure: Successful participation in one of the announced challenging use-cases, linked with sustainable development, which are out in collaboration with our partners from France and Germany:

  1. challenge from E.ON related to the energy distribution;
  2. challenge from Trading Hub Europe related to the pricing of energy;
  3. challenge from Deutsche Bahn Regio on the optimization of the planning of regional bus lines
  4. challenge from Centre Borelli related to the frailty of the elderly
  5. challenge from CEA on the detection of seismic activity.

You are invited to pass this information to your network.

Final registration date… this Friday!

More info: