Research opportunities for MVA-ers 2022

Here are some of the subjects that the ML group (MLMDA) of Center Borelli offers for (but not limited to) MVA Masters program internships:

Doors open afternoon – 14 December 15h00-18h00: The members of the Graph Machine Learning team will be happy to welcome the interested students at our lab at that day. We can talk about this subject and the research opportunities at Centre Borelli. Please contact Argyris Kalogeratos to express your interest and allocate a time slot.

A review of the first period of the COVID19-related research

It’s been about two years since the appearance of the COVID-19 virus, and the pandemic is still a horrific roller coaster for most countries, and their citizens individually. From the beginning, and especially at the beginning, it was natural for doctors and researchers of various fields to put as top priority helping out with the situation. The research efforts continue, concentrating unprecedented energy and resources worldwide. However, moving forward on such a rapidly evolving subject brings challenges not only on the side of investigating new ideas, but also from the side of handling the sheer amounts of produced scientific literature. In essence, this means coping with reading, processing, exploiting, applying many, many,… many papers!

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Pretty misbeliefs, pretty flames

* The title paraphrases a Greek proverb that literally says: “pretty villages burn pretty”, while implying that the ugly ones remain ugly even in flames. The proverb is most common in Balkan countries.

The effects of the COVID19 pandemic on scientists

This short article of Kyle R. Myers et al. about the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on scientists is worth sharing. The survey study, although indicative and probably not statistically unbiased, is still analyzing a good amount of people in academia and research.

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