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Welcome to my personal web-page. I am Argyris Kalogeratos (Αργύρης Καλογεράτος), I come from Patras, Greece. My background is on Computer Science and I have a PhD on Machine Learning (2013).

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Argyris Kalogeratos holds a PhD in Computer Science (2013) from the University of Ioannina, Greece, on Machine Learning and Information Technologies, under the supervision of Prof. Aristidis Likas. His expertise ranges from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to Complex Networks and Decision & Control. Currently, A.K. is a permanent researcher at the Borelli Research Center, ENS Paris-Saclay, and member of the Machine Learning and Massive Data Analysis group (MLMDA). He is the primary investigator of the Machine Learning on Graphs and Complex Systems research theme. His research work has been published in journals such as IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, Springer’s Knowledge and Information Systems, Elsevier’s Data and Knowledge Engineering, as well as conferences such as NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, AISTATS, INFOCOM, CDC, and others. Being affiliated with the Industrial Data Analytics and Machine Learning Chair (IdAML) of ENS Paris-Saclay, he has been involved in several synergistic projects among Academia and Industry for problems related to multimedia mining, social network analysis and mining, computational epidemiology, marketing, transportation, communication systems, and bioinformatics.


Position: I am a permanent researcher at the Centre Giovanni Borelli (ex Centre de Mathématiques et de Leurs Applications – CMLA), Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Paris-Saclay), University Paris-Saclay, France, and member of the Machine Learning and Massive Data Analysis (MLMDA) research group (head: Nicolas Vayatis).

Research focus: Coordinator of the ML on Graphs research theme.

Research initiatives: I participate to the research activities of the ML Industrial Big Data Chair (C.Borelli team: Charles Truong, Harry Sevi, Argyris Kalogeratos, Mathilde Mougeot, Nicolas Vayatis — past: Julien Audiffren). Among our industrial partners, there are ATOSWordline, SNCF, CEA, Michelin, Bertin Tech, and Banque de France.

Past funding: My research position at CMLA has been funded in the past by the MORANE project (in collaboration with SNCF railway company) and the SODATECH project  (funded by the French state) for which I was the research coordinator and responsible for CMLA’s part. See more details at the “Projects” section.

Centre Borelli in a sentence

It’s a unique and dynamic environment where the academic research is developed while being challenged in real practical and industrial applications.



Research on COVID-19 epicemic

A new web page was posted hosting results from our lab and resources from the research community.

Research opportunities for MVA-ers

Here are some of the subjects that the ML group (MLMDA) of Center Borelli offers for MVA Masters program internships (but not limited to that): link.


  • FMJH funding: Great news to share: Harry Sevi (current post-doc at CB) will be funded for a 2-years post-doctoral fellowship by the Foundation for Mathematics Jacque Hadamard (FMJH) to work with me and the MLMDA team on the project “Using the graph structure to survive in high-dimensions: Graph arrangements, walks, and embeddings“.
  • TechReport – The new preprint Collaborative likelihood-ratio estimation over graphs, co-authored with A. de la Concha, and N. Vayatis, can be found at [pdf].
  • Conf. Talk: Our PhD student Anthea Merida will present orally her work on “Data inspection via challenging decision boundaries’ rigidity” at the Int. Conf. of Computational Statistics – COMPSTAT 2022.
  • New interns:
    • Mohammed Hssein (M2 MVA, May-Oct) will work on Federated Learning.
    • Jules Tsukahara (M2 MVA, May-Oct) will work on graph representation learning.
    • Florian Châtel (L3 Maths, ENS Paris-Saclay, Apr – Jun) will work on interpretable ML.
    • Antonin Casel and Ilyes Belkacem (L3 Maths, ENS Paris-Saclay, Apr – Jun) will work on unsupervised learning on graphs.
    • Ivan Conjeaud (M2 PSE, Jan – Jun) will work on a game theoretic problem on graphs.
    • Gaspard Abel (M1 Economics, ENS Paris-Saclay, Feb – July) will work on competitive diffusion processes.
    • Haytham Borchani (M1 ENSTA Paris, May – August) will work on interpretable ML.
  • AI Cup – Last days for registering to the Franco-Bavarian AI Cup that we enthousiastically co-organize with University of Passau, Bavaria, Germany.
  • Workshop poster – Harry Sevi presented our joint work with a poster at the Workshop on Recent Advancements on Graph Machine Learning of Sorbonne University.
  • TechReport – A new preprint Generalized Spectral Clustering for Directed and Undirected Graphs, co-authored with H. Sevi and M. Jonckeere can be found at [arxiv page].
  • TechReport – The preprint Online non-parametric change-point detection for heterogeneous data streams observed over graph nodes, co-authored with A. de la Concha and Nicolas Vayatis can be found at [arxiv page].
  • New intern: Gaspard Abel (M1 Economics, ENS Paris-Saclay) will work on competition in epidemic systems.
  • JMLR – The aricle “Learning Laplacian Matrix from Graph Signals with Sparse Spectral Representation“, co-authored by P. Humbert, B. Le Bars, L. Oudre, A. Kalogeratos, and N. Vayatis, has been accepted to the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), 2021. The paper comes with a python package that implements the proposed method. [pdf][bib][code]
  • TechReport – A new review paper “Epidemic Models for COVID-19 during the First Wave from February to May 2020: a Methodological Review“, co-authored by M. Garin, M. Limnios, A. Nicolaï, I. Bargiotas, O. Boulant, S.E. Chick, A. Dib, T. Evgeniou, M. Fekom, A. Kalogeratos, C. Labourdette, A. Ovchinnikov, R. Porcher, C. Pouchol, and N. Vayatis. This is an important collaborative study conducted by members or Centre Borelli and other collaborators and colleagues during the last period. [pdf]
  • Summer-school – Time has come for this year’s French-German Summer-school that I am gladly co-organizing with folks and colleagues from Academia and Industry.
  • New internsTwo new L3 students from Maths ENS Paris-Saclay, Timothé Chambéry and Alexandre Surin will be working with us on graph-theoretic problems. Moreover,
  • Frédéric Zheng (M1 Mines-Paristech) will work on ensemble learning, and Martin Graive (M2 MVA) will work on epidemics in micro-communities.
  • AISTATS 2021 – The paper “Offline detection of change-points in the mean for stationary graph signals”, co-authored with A. de la Concha and N. Vayatis will appear in the 24th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2021) – 455/1527 submissions were accepted (29.8% rate) [pdf][appendix][code][poster]
  • PLoS ONE – The paper “Revealing posturographic profile of patients with Parkinsonian syndromes through a novel hypothesis testing framework based on machine learning”, co-authored with I. Bargiotas, M. Limnios, P.–P. Vidal, D. Ricard, and N. Vayatis, was accepted to the PLoS ONE journal. [older tech report: pdf, and the final version will become available soon]
  • PhD defenses – Three of our students that I gladly collaborated for several years are defending their PhDs next days. Mathilde Fekom (21/1), Pierre Humbert (22/1), and Batiste Le Bars (29/1). Good luck with reaching the final line guys!!
  • TechReport – “Efficient stream-based Max-Min diversification with minimal failure rate” co-authored with Μ. Fekom [pdf]
  • New team memberIt’s a great pleasure that Harry Sevi joined the MLMDA research group. His postdoc position will be funded by the Chair AI and it will be great that we will have the opportunity to work closely together on subjects related to ML and Graphs, as well as on industrial applications.
  • Blog page – Here’s a new blog page with posts around and beyond technical matters that do matter.

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