TA & Supervision

Scientific research has also to do with co-working and helping people being at their early steps to understand the principles of a scientific field. At least those you are keen of 🙂

Ongoing work

  • with Thales Loiola Raveli will be working on the modeling of transportation traffic (intern from ENSTA Paritech, May – Aug 2018).
  • with Mathilde Fekom on seeing the diffusion control in an online learning framework (supervision of PhD thesis, 2017-…).
  • with Batiste Le Bars on detection problems on networks (supervision of PhD thesis, 2017-…).
  • with Antoine Prouff and Antoine Bordas on greedy dynamic resource allocationstrategies (L3 internship, 2018).
  • with Emile Ciuperca and Mathieu Helfter on graph signals and graph kernels (L3 internship, 2018).
  • collaboration with Sergio Pegnier on Transfer Learning problems.
  • collaboration with Kevin Scaman (Microsoft Research, INRIA Paris-Saclay, France). We work on network diffusion models with application on large social graphs.

Past work

(Co-)supervision at ENS Cachan:
  • with Marin Scalbert on modeling and mining from railway traffic data (BSc internship, 2017)
  • with Matteo Neri on studying the diffusive properties of perturbations in transportation networks (supervision of MSc thesis, 2017).
  • with Mathilde Fekom on seeing the diffusion control in an online learning framework (supervision of MSc thesis, 2017).
  • with Otávio Leite Bastos de NazarĂ© on finqnciql networks and default propagation (intern from ENSTA Paritech, 2017).
  • with Luca Corinzia, on spectral methods for suppressing Information Cascades, (MSc thesis, 2016).
  • with Stefano Sarao, on extensions of SIS model and LRIE strategy for social diffusion control, (MSc thesis, 2016).
  • with Xavier Lioneton, on clustering twitter propagation data, (MSc thesis, 2016).
  • with Mateo Sesia, on network inference by observing SIS processes (MSc thesis, 2014).
  • with Patrick Saux and David Marchand, on network inference (Licence thesis, 2014).
  • with Suzanne Schlich and Julie Tourniaire, on feature engineering and clustering of url progation profiles on twitter (Licence thesis, 2015).
  • with Pierre Abgrall and Jules Baleyte, on systemic risk analysis in financial networks (Licence thesis, 2015).
(Co-)supervision at the CS Department at Ioannina:
  • “Document Classification using Advanced Representations”, Eirini Niaka, (Undergraduate thesis, 2011-2012).
  • “Knowledge extraction from text collections using semantic information”, Nasos Tsamis (Undergraduate thesis, 2010-2011).
  • “Event detection in text streams”, Panagiotis Zagorisios (Undergraduate thesis, 2012-2013 – MSc thesis, 2014-2015). This work led to the paper: “Improving Text Stream Clustering using Term Burstiness and Co-burstiness”, A. Kalogeratos, P. Zagorisios, and A. Likas, SETN, 2016. [pdf][slides][bib]
  • “Information system for the rapid automatic identification of natural products in crude extracts based on NMR data“, Katerina Nikolaidi (Undergraduate thesis, 2011-2012). Ack: In collaboration with Lecturer Α. Tzakos and postdoctoral researcher V. Kontogianni, Department of Chemistry University of Ioannina.

Teaching assistance